Player Character Race: Quyg


I just couldn’t not have a Grue PC race. No, not Gru. Totally different.

Felmoorish races are going to go up one at a time. I’m trying out new ideas with each one, so I’ll preface each one with some of my notes. If you don’t want to read my notes, and just want to get into the mechanics, just skip everything above the break

I’m not completely on board with the way that 5E makes spellcasting classes rely on material components to cast their best spells. I don’t like the idea of requiring wizards and sorcerers to carry around and replenish a supply of “spell ammo,” as it were. The Mountain Quyg represents one way that players can choose to avoid that particular  requirement.

What do you get when you cross a hedgehog and a koosh-ball?



(Closest Vanilla D&D comparison: Gnome)
Size: 2-2.5ft tall. ~30lbs. (considered “small”)
Speed: 20ft.

Quyg resemble wide-eyed, purple, blue, or black poof-balls with 3-toed feet and scaly 3-fingered hands that have soft, grippy pads on the inside.They have short hedgehog-like snouts, and individualized face-markings around their eyes and nose. They also have long, prehensile tails which are capable of surprising feats of dexterity. Quyg seem to have arisen in several parts of Felmoor around the same time; thus, there are several tribes which have only been recently discovered, not all of them friendly to outsiders. The Grue, for example, when contrasted with their Mountain Quyg cousins who are a familiar sight in Maragnor and Starbish, are dangerous, almost feral hunters in comparison.

Max Ability Scores
16 22 16 20 24 22

Ability score penalty: -1STR, -1CON

Perk: Children of Mooros. Can phase through stone at a speed of X feet/turn. X begins at 3ft and increases by 3 every level. Will begin to incur exhaustion penalties if attempting to phase more than 3 times X feet without stopping. In addition, Quygs gain darkvision at level 5, and superior darkvision at level 10.

Flaw: Hard to shop for. Can only use armor/clothes specially designed for a Quyg. Can’t wield any weapon larger than a dagger unless it was designed for a Quyg.

Misc traits:

  • A Quyg’s tail acts as a third hand with a reach of 3ft.
  • Owing to their powerful legs, and light frame, a Quyg can easily jump more than twice its own height.

Subrace: Grue

Ability score bonus: +2DEX

Skill: Never take your eyes off a Grue
Free stealth proficiency

Subrace: Mountain Quyg

Ability score bonus: +2INT

Skill: Planative focus.
Player has a small item (i.e. a staff, or a stone.) that is their focus. When casting spells, may ignore 1 material component, as long as focus is in possession. If focus is lost or destroyed, player can create new one by spending 1 long rest attuning the new item.


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