Player Character Race: Humans


Humans should be really basic and open-ended, and I think that’s what I’ve ended up with.  It makes sense to offer at least one choice that represents a very well-rounded,  middle-of-the-road type of character.

I gave some thought to letting them just be a blank slate, but in the end I couldn’t let Felmoorish humans go without something that sets them apart from other fantasy humans: something unique and appropriate to the specific world they live in. So, they do have a lore-appropriate perk and a lore-appropriate flaw. Humans are planestrange, like the Ramaki, and most of what makes them unique stems from that.

Humans have a perk that lets them ignore material components for spellcasting, like the Mountain Quyg; just another way players can work around those rules if they choose to.


Size: You know, like, human-sized.
Speed: 30ft.

Max ability score
All default 20

Perk: Ullish ancestry
Regardless of class, human players may choose to have a symbol tattooed somewhere on their body. The symbol is treated like a cantrip spell slot. By focusing their spirit through the symbol, they may ignore all verbal, material and gestural requirements the spell might ordinarily involve. The level of the spell slot increases by 1 every 5 levels. Players may choose the spellcasting ability for this spell (WIS, CHA or INT.)
Flaw: Broken spirit
The race of man was at the epicenter of the fracture, and they are still suffering the effects. Humans suffer a -1 penalty on all saving throws Vs. Magic.
Skill: An unknown destiny
1 free proficiency or feat AND 1 free language.


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