Felmoorish Languages

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Common Common is called common for a reason… it’s a language that most civilized (and some uncivilized) folk have in common.
Maragish The first language of Felmoor. Spoken by men after the fracture. Still the primary language in certain parts of Frenyot. Common traces its roots to Maragish..
Ullish The language of spirits. Ullish is a magical language that can only convey truth, although many spirits are able to use it to mislead the unwise listener.

Ullish is automatically understood by any sentient being, but can only be spoken by beings possessed of both immense wisdom and great clarity of purpose.

Can’t be learned in any of the normal ways
Gresh It is impossible to speak Gresh without their unique physiology; it’s communicated mostly through roars, growls, clicks and sustained bass tones. They are capable of speaking at the equivalent of a conversational volume for other races, but among their own kind, the Gresh enjoy discoursing with startling loudness. Non-gresh PCs may learn to understand Gresh, but not speak it.
Quyggin Mooros taught the Quyg their complex, rapid-fire language. Most Quyg still grow up in communities where Quyggin is the primary language, although common is usually learned at an early age as well.
Stellarine The large majority of Ramaki in Felmoor speak stellarine as their primary language. As a consequence of the secretive and protective nature of Ramaki culture, it’s rare  for non-ramaki to have had much exposure to stellarine.  
Adamant The first language of the dwarves. It was taught to them by Ymyry, who also taught it to many sentient and semi-sentient creatures that lurk and burrow deep below the surface.
Pelcharan The language of the secretive Pelcharans. Even more than the Ramaki, Pelcharans are very secretive and rare. Justify in backstory
Voggish The language of the giants. Justify in backstory
Starbish Argot A pidgin mix of Maragish, Common, Quyggin and even a bit of Adamant thrown in for good measure. Most closely associated with the dockyards of Starbish where it originated. It has since spread and is not spoken in a variety of communities in and around Frenyot.  
Spy Cant Secret code language used by members of Saragnor’s Special forces. Conveyed using very subtle motions of the hands, face and shifts in posture. Skilled practitioners can have a verbal conversation with someone, while simultaneously having an entirely different conversation with the same person through spy cant. Unless bystanders are highly observant, they would see nothing out of the ordinary at all.   Non-verbal.
Thieves cant Thieves cant and spy cant serve similar functions, but the former is less refined, and practiced more widely. It is essentially a democratized form non-verbal communication. For obvious reasons, rogues, assassins and conspirators of all sorts are it’s most common practitioners. Non-verbal.
Radiant The language of most Celestials. Celestials Often communicate through patterns of energy fluctuation. Ramaki can learn to “see” these fluctuations and even respond in rudimentary ways. Non-verbal. Only for Ramaki PCs

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