I’m P. Daniel Gateley. I’m a grad-student, a bus driver, an amateur poet, and a gamer. I live in Arkansas, but I’ve traveled and/or lived all over the world.




FELMOORISH is a campaign setting/campaign for 5th edition Dungeons&Dragons. I blog about my progress writing, mapping and thinking up the world as I go. Included are awesome resources for DMs and tabletop role-players. I also post my own crappy cartoon-art occasionally, for you to laugh at. You are welcome.



TEACHERBRAIN is about resources for teachers. Teaching well is partially about finding and using good resources. There are master teachers out there who generate most of their own tools and content, but for first-years and beginners there’s no need for that; the internet is brimming with free, high quality lesson plans, professional development, and curriculum materials.  I want to find and remember the things that I feel good about, that will work with my classroom and teaching style.

teacherbrain (1)






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