I love having a character portrait, but I can’t draw. Heromachine was probably invented for people like me. Its a custom character creator. It has a little bit of a learning curve, but it gives good quick results.

This is Luxo Avrice Welsley. He’s a cheating merchant/rogue. He likes treasure. Who doesn’t, you say? True, but Luxo REALLY loves treasure. Like, a LOT. More than you do, probably.

heromachine screenshot

This is Lizzy the barbarian halfling. She’s into booze, gambling, and RAGE.

Lizzy took a little longer to make. A gnome or a half-ling would have more child-like proportions, I thought; bigger head relative to body, etc. so I spent some time nudging the proportions. She used to look squashed. Now she only looks slightly squashed. I call that a success.


It’s fun and quick and free. Give it a try next time you need a new PC or NPC portrait.