Map progress

The map is coming along. I’m still learning as I go.¬†Unexpectedly, having a map has helped with writing. There’s something about seeing everything in geographic relation to each other that makes thinking up story ideas easier.¬†The map gives the setting a layer of tangibility, which seems to give my brain some traction, if that makes any sense.

The Broken Edge Isles
Initially, I did not like the colors that campaign cartographer makes me use. I still don’t, but I’m finding ways to make things better. Check out the trees in this shot, they’re almost neon green, It’s too bright. The ocean too, isn’t quite right. It has too much green in it, I think.

Once I have all the major locations, some roads and rivers, I’ll start posting location lore and histories with their map picture.

maragnor beaches
I learned how to fudge in some decent-looking beaches using land contours, which feels like a major accomplishment.